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  • EcoBorder Rubber Landscape Edging

    Flexible design with connecting system allows for easy no-dig installation that stays put!

  • EcoBorder Rubber Landscape Edging

    Mower edge design allows the wheels of your lawn mower to roll along the edge without contacting the decorative border

  • EcoBorder Rubber Landscape Edging

    Decorative designs look like concrete and is more durable

  • EcoBorder Rubber Landscape Edging

    Made in Canada from 100% recycled rubber

The Strength of Stone with the Flexibility of Rubber!

EcoBorder's flexible design with a mower-edge and connecting system make for easy installation and almost no maintenance. Most installations will not involve cutting the product until they get to the very end of the run (where the product meets the house). On average, you can install approximately 50 feet of our borders an hour.

Simple 3 Step Installation

1. Place it


2. Connect it


3. Secure it



Compare to the Alternatives

Roll-Up Plastic Edging
  • VERY difficult to install it requires digging a trench
  • Flawed design does not install properly when the ground is not perfectly level
  • Sinks into the ground in wet climates under the pressure of lawnmower wheels
  • Ground contraction in cold climates pushes this edge up out of the ground
  • Plastic material is not strong enough to withstand contact with heavy lawn mowers often cracking and breaking apart
  • A string trimmer is usually needed to trim the grass adjacent to the edging
Block Edging
  • VERY tedious and time-consuming to install, blocks are small and need to be lined up and set into place individually
  • No anchoring system so the blocks are constantly knocked out of place when bumped by a lawn mower
  • A string trimmer is always needed to trim the grass along the front of the edging
Hammer-In Edging
  • VERY difficult to install and is often damaged during the installation
  • Pieces often crack when the hammer makes contact with them
  • Difficult to align the top edges of pieces as it is challenging to find and set perfectly even depths
  • A string trimmer is always needed to trim the grass along the front of the edging
Concrete Curbing
  • Expensive, and has to be contracted through a vendor
  • Lifts off the ground and cracks when roots grow up under it, cracking especially in cold weather
  • CAN NOT be moved or changed after the initial installation, causing a problem when landscape beds need to expand to accommodate growing plants and trees
  • Many colored models fade within weeks when exposed to sunlight
  • Hard surface is not safe for children playing on the lawn alongside the edging


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