Rubber for Asphalt and Crack Sealant

Asphalt, only better.

Extend the life of the pavement by 20% or more while increasing safety and skid resistance. Heffco supplies millions of pounds of recycled pulverized tire rubber as an eco-friendly alternative for paving and crack sealant projects across North America.


Rubber in Asphalt

Rubberized asphalt and crack sealant are more flexible than conventional materials at reducing cracks, potholes and other damage due to frost and extreme weather conditions. Rubber asphalt surfaces require less salt and sand in the winter months because of its superior heat retention and skid resistance.
  • Higher skid resistance
  • Better heat retention
  • More flexibility
  • Reduced reflective cracking
  • 20% + Extended life of the pavement
  • Quieter road


Heffco produces both cryogenic and ambient crumb materials specially formulated to meet local, state and provincial guidelines.
  • Particle size from 10 to 80 mesh
  • Available in standard 2,000 lb super sacks, 50lb poly bags or bulk from any of our warehouse locations across North America
  • The packaging is UV protected to prevent degradation during extreme weather conditions
  • Each shipping comes with a Certificate of Analysis