Equestrian Footing

Recycled Rubber Footing for Horse Tracks, Trails, and Arenas

Heffco Equestrian Footing is clean, safe, eco-friendly, and offers the best in value and safety. It can be used on tracks and trails, as well as indoor or outdoor arenas. This rubber crumb footing consistently maintains shock-absorbing qualities for the horse, reducing stress injuries, all at an affordable price!

Available in black and sold by the pound (lb). Use 2000 lbs (1 ton) rubber footing per 600 sq ft (based on one part rubber footing to two parts arena sand).

How much do I need?


Recycled Rubber: A Better Footing

Heffco Equestrian Footing is clean and non-degradable rubber granulates; frequent replacement is not necessary. A sufficient application of our crumb rubber footing exceeds CPSC and ASTM safety guidelines for fall protection.
  • Non-Toxic and environmentally friendly
  • Excellent fall protection for a rider
  • Good traction and cushioning
  • Rubber reduces dust from sand
  • Cooler than sand in full sun
  • No winter freezing
  • Lasts for years without the need to replace
  • Fewer joint and tendon injuries for horse
  • Does not rot or decay
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Very cost-effective


Remove all grass and soil and use our equestrian footing aggregate to build a base for proper footing and drainage. For proper drainage, we recommend a natural slope of 1% grade or more.