Product Development & Manufacturing Consulting

Heffco is a one-stop-shop for the rubber & plastic recycling industries. Our integrated approach for the whole recycling process involves a reputable group of experienced professionals, including process engineers, cost accountants, sales and marketing professionals and equipment providers.

Rubber & Plastic Consulting Services

Rubber and Plastic recyclers and processors often require assistance in the following areas:

  • Design of recycling systems and processes
  • Recommendations and procurement of new or used pieces of recycling equipment
  • Project costing
  • Acquisition of rubber and plastic waste – post-industrial or post-consumer
  • Sales and marketing of finished rubber and plastic recyclate

Industries that have benefited from our Consulting Services:


Waste diversion of both rubber and plastic. Cost reduction through the reintroduction of rubber and plastic waste into formulations in addition to the reduction or elimination of landfill costs.

Oil and Gas

Recycled rubber us used on drilling platforms as well as in drilling cement.


Rubber modified asphalt contains rubber recyclate.

Molding & Extrusion Industry

Molded and extruded goods contain significant amounts of rubber and plastic recyclate.

Sports Turf Industry

High-end sports fields contain ambient and cryogenic rubber recyclate.

Landscape Industry

Landscape mulch contains rubber nuggets and buffings. 

Roofing Industry

Membrane and walkway pads contain rubber and plastic recyclate.


Equestrian footing applications contain recycled rubber.

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